Kucch Love Jaisaa Movie Review

The story of a disregarded housewife, who decides to start the rest of her life on her birthday and a jilted criminal on the run from the police sounds like a pretty interesting idea on paper. After you survive producer Vipul Shah's Kucch Love Jaisaa, you'd want to time travel a la Action Replayy and destroy the piece of paper from which this film escaped.

Kucch Love Jaisaa Story

Madhu Saxena (Shefali Shah), is tired of her I-Know-It-All advertising guy of a husband Shravan (Sumeet Raghavan) and decides to take charge of her life. She puts on new clothes, new shoes, new make-up and well... a new attitude. The new Madhu chats up a stranger Raghav (Rahul Bose) in a cafe and takes off with him convinced that he is a private eye on a case. Raghav, a man of crime and everything that the Pali Hill based Madhu isn't, has been double-crossed by his starlet of a girlfriend (Neetu Chandra) and needs a decoy so he entertains Madhu's wild fantasy. In the course of the day, the odd couple realizes what it actually means to be alive and eventually end up sorting each other's lives.

There is a scene early on in Kucch Love Jaisaa, where the ignored housewife transforms herself into a hottie and chastises the waiter of a cafe who thinks that she'd prefer the non-smoking section. The woman dives into a soliloquy educating the waiter that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover and yet ends up doing the same number with the quite stranger. At a basic level there's nothing wrong with the idea of Kucch Love Jaisaa and its odd couple paring but the execution is what makes it one difficult film to endure.

Everything about Kucch Love Jaisaa is painted in extremes--the husband mocks his wife, the wife feels left out, the children love mommy but can't save her; the boss ridicules his staff, the low life goon orders chaas (buttermilk) in an Italian cafe and what have you, but this isn't the problem with the film. It's the manner in which it seemingly breaks the formulaic shackles of life that dampens the spirits. Shefali Shah fits the film like a glove but even though she tries hard, too hard at times, her Madhu stays at a distance and as for Mr. Bose he sleepwalks through Raghav. No, not in that sense of the word; his Raghav looks sleepy most of the times but will only sleep when he's dead or caught. In addition, he oscillates between mumbling and talking with food in his mouth, remains quietly ponderous and burps and does everything else like gaze at imaginary flies that a dedicated actor would do to play a low life hardened by the unforgiving corners of the mean streets of Mumbai.

Final Words on Kucch Love Jaisaa

Kucch Love Jaisaa is so cliched that when the street smart Raghav orders coffee, Barnali Ray Shukla's screenplay shamelessly rehashes the iconic Munna-Waiter conversation from Rangeela. There are the jeevan darshan laden songs that blare at every opportune moment; such as the couple getting inside one room and Madhu looking at the single bed and other such so you know this is an important moment for you to react. Pritam's music is too loud, the lyrics are overbearing and everything sounds so Life in a Metro reject.

From the looks of it the odd couple pairing of 'actors' and not 'stars' in the leads, Kucch Love Jaisaa will go to town claiming to be different and hatke or 'New Bollywood' but it has everything that commercial Hindi cinema has been belting out in the name of experimentation since kingdom come.

Kucch Love Jaisaa Rating: 1 ? out of 5

Kucch Love Jaisaa Cast: Rahul Bose, Shefali Shah, Sumeet Raghavan and Neetu Chandra

Kucch Love Jaisaa Written and Directed by: Barnali Ray Shukla

Kucch Love Jaisaa Genre: Romance / Drama

Kucch Love Jaisaa Music: Pritam

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