Special Film Making Techniques

Film making is a type of entertainment and it takes place in all places of the world featuring all aspects of the real life stories like political, economical, love stories, and social. The objective of film making, is to come up to an idea on how to make an attractive and compelling for the audience to watch the movie, from the selection of a good story through script writing, shooting, directing then do some final editing after the film is done, and finally it will be distributed to the different cinema to the all different possible places for the audience.

Typically, film making is referred to as movies and as part of entertainment industry, which involves many personalities with corresponding talents and abilities. It usually takes from few months to several years to make one film. The period of making the film depends upon the kind of story. There is one longest film making recorded in this industry, which took 28 years in the making, "The Thief and the Cobbler".

Nowadays, there is a stiff competition between producers and directors on how to make very convincing movies in order to attract more audience. More audience to watch the movies means more profits to come. For this reason, the film makers use variety of techniques and high technologies. The purpose of these special effects is to make the movies more exciting and thrilling.

To compare the old movies before and now is very much different in terms of stories, special effects, and the cinematography. Here are some special effects which will augment the reality of the stories in the movies.

- The use of lighting effect is very necessary to portray the desired shot. It has great influence to give the meaning of a certain shot. Lights could be very bright if it wants to emphasize a scene or dimmer light for some creepy scenes.

- Making smoke is another effect which could do drama and create illusions on the scenes. And the making smoke for the movie effect can be done by using the traditional fog machine, or the use of dry ice, or some use mosquito smokers.

- If the movie needs blood effect, the movie blood is made of mixture of either hypoallergenic clothing detergent with red, yellow and green food coloring with kyro syrup. The one will make this kind of effect must choose the natural products that will not harm the actors to prevent accidents.

- An explosion effect is very common to action movies, usually it is created through the use of gasoline and match, but it is found not safe to the film makers and the actors. The safe way and modern way of making the explosion effects is the digital explosion, it is a high tech which makes the big bang to a film more realistic.

- In horror movies, fake heads are used as a prop and this is only made out of gelatin, latex or silicone and molded the actor's face.

In film making it is supposed to be the responsibilities of the producers, directors, and the writers to make it morally good that can affect the person's life. The desire of the authors in the film making is to make the special effects and to control the presentation of the story, but now the author has no longer the complete control of the story, but must share control with the viewer.

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